Physical (In)Activity from A to Z

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39º International Symposium on Sports Science

October 6 to 8th, 2016

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  • Free themes and ActiGraph Award for Scientific Research

    The CELAFISCS in partnership with Actigraph the forth year running offers at the 38th International Symposium of Sports Sciences, the "Scientific Research Award measures the physical activity level."

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    The DEADLINE for submission of Free Themes is 25 August. Carefully follow the instructions and take the opportunity to show their work at one of the most important scientific events in Latin America in the field of Sports Science.

    23/08 - deadline for submission of Temas Livres


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  • 10h00

    Course 1 - Exercise Physiology

    Physical Activity Low Intensity - James Levine

    10h00 - 12h30 Timóteo Leandro Araújo

    Course 2 - Physical (In) Activity in Life Cycle

    Promoting Youth Physical Activity Out of School: What Works? - James Sallis

    10h00 - 12h30 Luis Carlos de Oliveira


    Special session

    Virtual Sports Center, 20 years sailing in Sports Science. - Laercio Elias Pereira

    12h30 - 13h20

    Special session

    Satellite Symposium EMS

    13h20 - 14h50

    Satellite Symposium EMS

    Free Theme Oral

    13h30 - 15h00


    Course 3 - Training

    Resistance Training for Seniors - Edilson Serpeloni Cyrino

    15h00 - 17h30

    Course 4 - Physical (In) Activity and Obesity

    Comparing Costs for and Active Obese x Sedentary Lean - Peter Katzmarzyk

    15h00 - 17h30


    Free Theme Oral

    15h15 - 16h45


    Conference and Opening Ceremony

    (In) Physical Activity and Public Health - Paulo Lotufo

    Timóteo Leandro Araújo

  • 8h00

    Course 1 - Exercise Physiology

    Future Athletes Project: Genetics in Sport - João Bosco Pesquero

    8h00 - 9h20 Gerson Leite

    Course 2 - Physical Activity in Life Cycle

    Physical (In) Activity in Adulthood - Aylton Figueira Junior

    8h00 - 9h20 Rafael Mancini

    Free Theme Oral

    8h00 - 9h20


    International Conference - Physical (In) Activity

    Decrease the Sedentary or Increase Physical Activity? - James Lenive

    9h30 - 10h40 Victor Matsudo


    Forum - Woman Physical (In) Activity

    Women and Physical Activity - Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira
    Strength Training and Inflammation in Women - Jonato Prestes
    Women and Physical Activity - James Skinner

    10h50 - 12h20 Valéria Cristina Santos

    Round Table - Pedagogy of Sport and Physical Education

    School Motivation for Physical Education Classes - Dartagnan pinto Guedes
    National common base and Physical Inactivity: A to Z - Suraya Cristina Darido
    Government proposals Pedagogic: The Teacher's Role - Sheila Aparecida da Silva

    10h50 - 12h20 Luis Carlos de Oliveira

    Free Theme Oral

    10h50 - 12h20



    12h20 - 12h40


    Special series

    Lancet Physical Activity

    12h40 - 13h30

    Special series

    Forum - Psycho-Spirituality in Sports and Physical (In) Activity

    Spiritual and religious behavior and the relationship with the Sports Performance - Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão
    (In) Physical Activity and Spirituality - Alvaro Avezum

    13h40 - 15h10 Timóteo Leandro Araújo

    Roundtable Special: 20 years of Agita SP in Promoting Physical Activity

    Combating Sedentary in Public Policy - José da Silva Guedes
    Transforming a Local Idea in a Global Dream - Victor Matsudo
    The role of "Multipliers" in Promoting Physical Activity - João Pedro da Silva Junior

    13h40 - 15h10 Douglas Roque Andrade

    Roundtable Special: 20 years of Agita SP in Promoting Physical Activity

    (In) Atividade Física e Nutrição

    13h40 - 15h10

    (In) Atividade Física e Nutrição

    International Conference: Obesity and Weight Loss

    Physical Activity and Obesity: Old and News Insights - Peter Katzmarzyk

    15h20 - 16h30


    (In) Atividade Física e Nutrição

    16h30 - 18h00

    (In) Atividade Física e Nutrição

    Course 3 - Training

    Technological innovation in Exercise Science and Sports: Use of Transcranial Stimulation Direct Current - Alexandre Hideki Okano

    16h40 - 18h00

    Course 4 - Physical Activity and Obesity

    Via role of FGF21 / NPY in Control of Energy Balance and inflammation in obesity: Physical Training Effects - Ana Raimunda Dâmaso

    16h40 - 18h00

  • 8h00

    Course 1 - Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology in Childhood and Adolescence - Emilson Colantonio

    8h00 - 9h20 Alessandro Custódio

    Course 2 - Physical Activity in Life Cycle

    Physical Exercise and Mental Health of the Elderly - Andrea Deslandes

    8h00 - 9h20 João Pedro da silva Junior

    Free Theme Oral

    8h00 - 9h30


    International Conference: Environment and Physical Inactivity

    Designing Cities and Neighborhoods to Support youth Physical Activity - James Sallis

    9h30 - 10h40


    Forum - Physical (In) Activity and Health

    Scientific Basis of Physical Activity Effects on Polluted environments: Perform or not the activity in these environments? - Rodolfo de Paula Vieira
    Concept, Evidence and Prospects of Studies on Built Environment and Physical Activity in Brazil - Adriano Akira
    José Cazuza de Farias Junior

    10h50 - 12h20

    Round Table - Aging and Physical (In) Activity

    Aging, Exercise and Immune System - Claudia Regina Cavaglieri
    Deployment Exercise programs ILPIs - Rafael Mancini
    Resistive Exercise: Efficiency and Safety - José Maria Santarém

    10h50 - 12h20 Mauro Vaisberg

    Free Theme Oral

    10h50 - 12h20


    Join CELAFISCS Family

    12h20 - 13h40


    Conference: American college os Sports Medicine

    James Skinner

    12h40 - 13h40

    Conference: American college os Sports Medicine

    Free Theme Oral

    13h30 - 15h00

    Free Theme Oral

    13h30 - 15h00


    Forum - Trends in Physical Activity

    Brain and Affection (pleasure) during Exercise - Alexandre Hideki Okano
    Effects of High-intensity Interval Training in Weight Loss - Luiz Carnevali
    Training Vascular Occlusion - André Rodacki

    13h50 - 15h20


    Course 3 - Training

    Understanding Responsiveness to Strength Training - Jonato Prestes

    15h30 - 16h50

    Course 4 - Physical Activity and Obesity

    Intervention programs and Excess Weight Control and Obesity in School - Dartagnan Pinto guedes

    15h30 - 16h50


    Free Theme Oral

    15h10 - 16h40


    Closing Conference - The Agita São Paulo Program Strategies

    Physical Activity Promotion Strategies in Children, Workplace and Agita Mundo - Douglas Roque Andrade, Luiz Guilherme Grossi Porto, Victor Matsudo

    16h50 - 17h50 Luis Carlos de Oliveira

    Closing Conference - The Agita São Paulo Program Strategies
  • Suraya Cristina Darido
  • Sheila Aparecida Pereira dos Santos Silva
  • Alexandre Moreira
  • Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira
  • Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão
  • Peter T. Katzmarzyk
  • James Skinner
  • James Sallis
  • James Levine
  • Jonato Prestes
  • José Maria Satarém
  • João Bosco Pesquero
  • Emilson Colantonio
  • Edilson Serpeloni Cyrino
  • Dartagnan Pinto Guedes
  • Claudia Regina Cavaglieri
  • Andréa Camaz Deslandes
  • Ana Raimunda Dâmaso
  • Álvaro Avezum
  • Andre Luiz Felix Rodacki
  • Aylton José Figueira Junior
  • João Pedro da Silva Junior
  • José Cazuza de Farias Junior
  • José da Silva Guedes
  • Laercio Elias Pereira
  • Luiz Carlos Carnevali Junior
  • Paulo Andrade Lotufo
  • Rafael Benito Mancini
  • Rodolfo de Paula Vieira
  • Victor Keihan Rodrigues Matsudo
  • Adriano Akira Ferreira Filho
    • It is always a great privilege and a great pleasure to be able to take part in anything that you organise! The organisation is always fantastic and the hospitality is the best in the world, and you always have a fantastic audience too. I cannot think of anything you could do to make the whole experience better. You lit a small fire many years ago when you started the Agita program and that fire now burns brightly around the world. Everyone knows how much you have done to raies the profile of physical activity. The recognition by ACSM is something you should be very proud of, but it is only a small token of the regard in which you are both held by so many people. Thank you once again for your fantastic hospitality during my visit to Sao Paulo.

      Ron Maughan - School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
    • Prezada Sandra, Gostaria de reforçar a honra, para nós da Nestlé, em participar de um evento de tamanha credibilidade e construído por profissionais competentes e apaixonados pelo que fazem, como vocês! Conte com nossa parceria!

      Juliana Lofrese - Unidade Estratégica Wellness - Nestlé Brasil
    • Obrigada pela oportunidade de fazer parte de suas iniciativas. O congresso mais uma vez EXCELENTE!!!!! Aos poucos vamos nos tornando maiores e melhores a cada dia!!!

      Patricia Marques Lobato - Fitness Solutions
    • Primeiramente gostaria de lhe parabenizar por mais um EXCELENTE evento! Adoramos o Simpósio! Como sempre vocês arrasaram! E pode contar com nosso apoio para "desdobrar" os profissionais de nossa área que são resistentes a mudanças! Um grande abraço, e boa semana!

      Carla Giuliano de Sá Pinto - Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
    • O evento foi maravilhoso! Palestrantes realmente excelentes... aprendi muito e com certeza ano que vem estarei aqui!

      PUC-PR - Pontífica Universidade Católica do Paraná


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